Our mission

For over 20 years, Pharmapar has specialized in distributing generic medication to privately insured individuals. We're also looking beyond this segment, seeking to improve the financial health of Quebec pharmacies year after year with added-value services that support our clients in their entrepreneurial growth.

Our business model

Having voluntarily chosen to distribute our products to privately insured patients, we foster a business partnership with our clients that meets all legal and regulatory requirements. We can proudly say that our Pharmapar model adheres to best business practices to ensure stringent compliance with all the qualitative, legal and ethical aspects of the pharmaceutical field. Working with Pharmapar means access to a range of benefits—and peace of mind.

Between our two lines
our portfolio includes over 100 products that cover a broad spectrum of treatments for various health conditions.

The main health conditions covered by our products:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • And more. . .




product lines



Here are some of the key dates in Pharmapar’s journey to where it is today!

  • 1998

    Pharmapar is founded

    Jean-Louis Gélinas establishes Pharmapar Inc.

  • 2004

    Pharmapar moves its headquarters to Mont-Royal

    Once set up in its Mont-Royal offices, Pharmapar grows exponentially

  • 2007

    Commercial success

    Pharmapar becomes the definitive leader for privately insured individuals

  • 2012

    We launch our Priva range

    We launch our Priva range: an ever-growing line that now lists over 60 products

  • 2016

    Pharmapar moves into its new headquarters in Varennes

    Pharmapar moves to a new office building custom-built for the company in Varennes

  • 2016

    KDA Group acquires Pharmapar

    KDA Group acquires Pharmapar, enabling us to join forces with the network’s other subsidiaries KDA Group


An alliance of companies involved in all aspects of the patient’s experience, KDA Group is a leading provider of solutions and services for the pharmaceutical market.

A leader in pharmacy staff replacement services, Alliance Pharma provides its team of replacement professionals with both professional services and continued medical training.

Élitis has gained prominence in the field of substitute pharmacists and continuing education programs intended for pharmacy professionals and technical assistants, as well as scheduling and human resource management.

Logistik Pharma is a company that specializes in pharmacy re-engineering through optimized work organization and comprehensive patient care. These integrated optimization processes aim to improve the quality of pharmaceutical services provided to patients while increasing profitability.

Campus Logistik is an ongoing education business specializing in online and in-class training for pharmacists and pharmacy technical assistants. It also offers pharmacy staff coaching for transitioning through a reorganization or in the course of crisis management.

liV is an agency dedicated to professional medical and pharmaceutical training.

And soon, CanNorth Medic will provide innovative products made from premium medical cannabis to supply the pharmaceutical industry.


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